Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Transluscent Illusions

Another fantabulous collaboration between Kapoeta by Ambica and Unbound Ether Photography, putting to use the mystery and allure that shadow play can bring to any environment, by exploring the subtleties and nuances of our subjects through this 'filter' we blur the lines between the waking life and an ethereal parallel universe. This is a theme I've been wanting to explore for a very long time, and as is with Ambica and me, all we needed was a moment of inspiration to spark the fires under this shoot!

After having scouted for interesting faces at a particular local University we found two characters, Whitney Pixie and Steffie Reti to work with, and work they did!

Many more updates to this blog coming soon! 2012 is shaping up to be one magical joyride!
Sending love and light out to all, doubly so for visiting me here in my lair!

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  1. Ro-

    Hello, I recently visited the Tribe in Nairobi, Kenya and saw your work at the shop there. I was being helped by a young lady named Christine and I am interested in purchasing what was labeled as Skirt007. Do you have a paypal or shipping methodology?

    Rob Taylor